Saturday, 13 February 2016


a) RAKBANK Credit Cardholdershave to call the 24 x 7 phone banking on 04 213 0000 within 10 days from thedate of the transaction.
b) The 0% Interest EasyPayment Plan is offered on a minimum transaction of AED 1000 with tenors 3,6,9or 12 month
c) The purchase will beconverted to Easy Payment Plan (EPP) and the monthly instalment will bereflected on the customer’s monthly Credit Card statement. The customerwill receive an sms or email (from his/her registered mobile number/emailaddress) notification that his/her request has been booked and processed.
d) RAKBANK Cardholders willpay EMI amount along with other credit card outstanding on or before thepayment due date to avoid any late payment fees or financial charges.
e) For processing feesplease call RAKBANK phone banking.
f) Please note that 0% EPPprogram is valid to all RAKBANK Credit Cardholders except on AMAL/IslamicCredit Card, this limitation is based on our Islamic compliance policy.

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