Saturday, 20 February 2016

Reasons WHY NOT To Drink Bottled Water!

 Reasons WHY NOT To Drink Bottled Water!

"Bottled water is healthy water" or just manufacturers wants us to believe? On the packaging always stands image of pristine nature, a mountain or an athlete, but in most cases bottled water is just plain water, in some cases sparkling with CO2 added. 

1. Bottled water has no good value

Large companies such as Coca Cola and Pepsi use tap water, which is only filtered. The same is done in the production of mild drinks.

2. Bottled water means Garbage

Plastic water bottles create 1.5 million tonnes of plastic waste everywhere. to produce so many bottles are required 17.791.435 liters of soil per year. Besides plastic bottles should be recycled mandatory, the frightening fact is that 80% 
of all non-recycled bottles end up as a garbage. Most of the trash ends up in the oceans. Because of the slow decay (min. 1000 years), each plastic ever produced, no matter where-still exist!

3. Public water supply is neglected by buying bottled water

If you use tap water and get paid for it, there will be sufficient funds to improve public water supply if the authorities are aware of and committed to thier work.

4. Water privatizing

What is called "Blue Gold" of 21st century thanks to rising popualtion, climate change and pollution. These problems made fresh water the most needed thing for the survival of humanity. Corporations can not wait to get any fresh water source so they can charge for using the water, by legally using and exploiting. Each time you buy a bottle of water, you contribute it.

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